Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bored 2 Da Max

Salam. Actually msa atu aku kn post suggestion novel to read. P tesalah takan..siap dh smua apa. I spent like 30mins buat ayat last2 salah takan so nda te-post n nda te-save lngsung. Kn buat all over again rasa buang masa. So nntith ku post bila2 ku rajin.

Nda ku tau napa ku sedih mlm ane. Mcm lain rasaku. Dkatakn ada sumthing bad happen nda jua. Ok sja ari ane n insyaallah in da future ok jua. Ntah napakh ya. Mcm2 kn dpkirkn. A lot of things n people that makes me disappointed this lately. How i miss my old times. Kn join kapal belia ku lw ada taun ane. Bgas jua jipun tsunami mnatau kapalnya rusak udh hehehe. At least im away from this hectic life for awhile. I feel like going far away..stay sna smpai betaun2 or stay there forever n never ever will coming back. Build a new alone.

Yatah gnya kn ku post tu. Kes boreng dh. Nanti f rajin ada ku post sal novel atu. Okay..bye =)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Black Image

Last tym phone banking centre n my department stay back tapi separate place just ngam2 sama stay back. The story is..lpas abis kaja dorg lepak2 arh parking area while waiting for panaskn enjin keta. Then after awhile one of them nmpak mcm ada sumthing mlintas. Malas dorg peduli. Its like around 8pm. U know SCB bunut tempatnya very very sunyi. Then ngam tegugur sigup one of them, tym ia tunduk kn ambil sigupnya that black image really close to them. Actually ia sudh signal the others tapi dorg na phm. Quite soon one of them teliat ada urg belari turun dari bukit blakang our building. Since ia rabun sikit so ia nda pasti a2 urg or ia salah liat. Udh yg dliatnya a2 mcm mkin ampir baruth ia realised actually bukn urg but it sumthing else. Mls ku image sajath. Fhmth kamu tu. Then ia signal the others suruh lari masuk keta n go home. That thing chasing them ke keta smpai dorg menangis2 which is scary. Aku tau ceta ane udh esuknya riuh d office.

This one another story but same tym wit ceta d atas. This story at my department luckily aku nada tym a2..went home dh. Just yg stay back my boss n 2 org PFCs. It happened msa these 2 PFCs arh pantry break skajap. Ada suara manggil dorg. At first dorg pkir boss manggil p suara laki2 n our boss is bini2. Kali dorg ignore. Then ada lagi bunyi weird. They asked my boss ada ia mnggil or bckap2 . My boss said nada. Dorg continue lg minum2 arh pantry. Alum batah ada lg bunyi weird yg bg kambang bulu. My boss tarus2 msuk arh pantry asked everyone to go home cntinue buat kaja esuk. Udh esuknya baruth dorg tau rupanya my boss kna kacau jua. Plus arh pantry area,save room n RM area ndang dri dulu berisi ckit. Slalu sudh mcm2 happened. Until now kmi try to go home as early as we can. Klu stay back pun up to 7pm except if its emergency. Paling aher aku pnh balik 8pm plus. Atu pn ku takut ngam lg ujan labat.

So my story kira 2 gangguan at the same tym..arh phone banking centre n my department. Both departments not too far away from each other. Yg ngacau a2 benda yg sama or nda..we dont know n kmi nda mau tau jua. Kes takut sudh hehe. Our cleaners pun tukar2 psal nda sanggup kna kacau n tliat benda2 catu. Finally, case closed sja. Ok..C u guys in the next post =)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Two Refferals.. =)

Hi..previously kn ckap psal antu tapi skip dlu coz im so happy yatah kn dshare kajap. Coz i didnt expect langsung dat customer kn do investment which the amount is U$D120k (min $20k) n manage to close the deal. Awal2 aku nda fhm apa our RM hav told me since ia nervous then kajar2 tgnnya hahaha. "Heyy wake up u know wat ur customer wants to close a deal U$D120k..its consider ur refferal dear. My hands shaking2 already." At first place aku pkir my customer kn tnya biasa2 sj psal interest rate for PB since ia PB customer. So i get our RM sj to attend him. Panya ia interested trus kn buat investment hehehe. My boss dri jauh dh signal2..libar senyumannya. Mcm apa. Coz it will include in our revenue. That is my 1st refferal. PB means Priority Banking yg got savings $150k above a.k.a our potential customers yg msti djaga like an assets huhuhu. Ada masanya tejumpa PB yg over mnta dlayan mcm royal family which i hate them so much. Some PB nda suka showoff really2 humble like they're one of the kind. Usually i attend them like a royal family plg tu. LOL

Carry on my 2nd refferal..customer bini2. Urgnya happy go lucky,suka btanya,sophisticated n humble. Age dlm 40+..Mothers. So aku introduced ia buka FD min. $5k n main foreign currency. Same thing our RM yg attend. She agree to do twin investment. Twin investment quite exciting kalau minat berabis. From BND to foreign currency n from foreign currency to BND. Sum1 asking me is it sama wit forex. Since i've no idea hows forex look like n how to play so aku nda tau is it sama or nda. Yg ku tau forex bidding thru online. I think nda sma. Twin investment u sell high buy cheap. Let say from BND to USD. F u think rate buying USD currency ok msa atu n u can get a lot better transfer ur money to USD. But f da next rate much better than prev haha rugilah tu jawapnya. Selling balik to BND cost u a lot of losses..will be lower than wat u transfer before. Then kn transfer balik to USD u'll get less than wat u expect. Not easy..very risky. Salah step untung pn nda dpt. Duit byk dh ilang. Anyhow thanks to Vick our RM, u help me a lot. Two refferals on da same day. I can sleep well. I wish someday i can do investment too. Aminn. Until next post..byeee =)

PB=Priority Banking

RM=Relationship Manager
FD=Fixed Deposit

Monday, 14 February 2011


Hi again..Lain ceta ku kali ane psal pendrive. Last tym i got a cute pink pendrive which is i bought for $15. But i lost it. The saddest part dalam atu byk stuff yg i can say 'beharga'. Besides a lot of my document be-save dlm atu. I got a sense sapa yg ambil atu tapi malas kn beriuh. I dont know why ia nda mau balikkan padahal nothing interesting inside. And byk bjual dkadai same as mine kalau ia mau.

I was hang out sama ia msa my pendrive ilang. I left my bag inside the car to buy a drink. Lpas balik rumah then i realised pendriveku nada dlm beg. I searched the whole places but couldnt find it. I text her up..Ia cakap nada arahnya. Aku ingat berabis pendrive atu ada dlm begku before we went for hang out. Coz i bring it everywhere. Aku suruh ia carikan mana tau ada tinggal dlm kereta or etc. Ia nda reply any. Until now almost 5 months dah ilang. Kalau ku sabut psal pendrive ku yg ilang atu dpannya gerenti ia change the subject. And ia langsung nda mau mliat aku. Bgi curious jua tu.

Masani aku ada dah new pendrive with 1 week warranty. Ku bali masa end of January. 2 weeks after bebali barutah ku ada masa kn buka. Kalinya cannot fit my USB properly. Still can fit in but payah2an. My pendrive lbh basar dri USB. Its Kingstone brand. Rugi ku $22 membali. Warranty pun limpas jua sudh. Lw nda, dapat ganti dgn brand lain. But i still miss my old pendrive a.k.a my 1st pendrive.

I hope kna return my old pendrive. Walaupun ia nda mau dapan2 mbalikkan. Ampaikn sj arah begku or anywhere yg safe n mudah ku liat. Ok gtg dlu. Next up i will share ceta psal kna kacau arh tempat kaja. Mencari ayat lawa dlu supaya lbh bagi takut hehehe. Alrite..babai =)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Salam. Nda lagi byk kali my readers ane since lama nda beupdate. First of all, how r you?? Hope everything will be fine. Happy new year 2011..Its too late to wish u guys, i know..hehe. Lama sudah nda blogging sikit lg lupa apa password. Plus after operation aku jd plupa bnar. Ngamth ckap urg atu ubat bius (anesthesia) ane bg plupa. Talking about my operation, Im still in recovery. 5 months plus sudh. Mcm alum ada any changes to my scar. In fact, i got skin infection which my scar turn swelling until now. My scar around 4-5 inches. Hopefully by the next appointment, semuanya will be ok..Aminnn.

Actually below its my pic masa Celebrity Nite @Goldstone Ballroom, Centrepoint Hotel. There's some more them were wearing costumes tapi due to tinggi MB nya takes time to upload. I just mention mna yg ingat..Sailormoon, Mummy, Retro (Elvis Presley), Cinderella, Fairy Godfather, Fairy Godmother n Superman. Thats all i can remember. The silly part, Rachael M.A salah Cinderella. The real one was sitting on the left side but she grabbed the wrong person n bring her on stage. In which that wrong lady didnt even wear look alike a Cinderella. Frust jua tu real Cinderella mliat. Ada hadiah lagi kna bg. Honestly ramai nda suka Rachael became our emcee that nite. Capi2 brabis n ia suruh sapa sja laki2 tempatnya singgah to slap her ass. Rude!!!! Yes its a party but then it was an official party.

Me n Fergus a.k.a Fer-Ghost, one of our Branch Relationship Manager (BRM). His costume was made from maggie boxes. The best costume award, Ive got 1st place n him 2nd place. 3rd, 4th, 5th places cant remember..Between Superman, Cinderella n Dracula.

This is how it looks. I spent a lot for this snow white ballroom gown. But worth it. Alum lg temasuk harga menyewa the one to make it fluffy from inside. Not sure what does it called. 2 layers actually..ddalam skali pkai yg untuk make it round that gown. Then yg mcm skirt made from lace to make it nicer. Kira 3 lapis semuanya including my gown. Part paling payah bila tym duduk sj hahaha. Thanks to my colleagues for gave me some space even tempat duduk sampit masa atu. Coz one of my colleague pkai fluffy gown jua. Btw sapa kn mau buat baju cemani..Contact me,i'll give u his contact no. He's a recognize designer. Nda pundan..Genuine laki2 n good looking =D

Next tym lg blogging. Kan update facebook lg. Take care..Bye alls =)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Keboringan Kna Tinggalkan!!

Helloooo.....Salam =)

Apa kn ku cetakn ah..mcm borenx bh. Feel like blogging at this tym. Firstly, thanks to God pasal Ive got my dream job afterall. Im working at Standard Chartered Bank now wit satisfied salary hahaha cannot mention how much. Awal2 aku kna posted arah main office which is a gud news to me kalinya msa first day aku lapor diri dsana, I was told that aku kna tukar keBunut. Totally ruined my mood 99%. Actually aku ska one of the guys there arah HR Dept. main office. Plus he's the one yg handle from aku start kna interview smpai first day aku kaja. Aku happy ia tuliskn semula my form coz aku ngokk salah tulis. Arah for officer use plg ku fill in. He's the one also yg dgni buat account arah Greeter dbawah. First tym jumpa ia..Aku fallen love hehehe. Smart lgi tu. Since aku kna pindah dbunut, faham2lh how I felt that day. Banar2ku garamati bini2 yg quit mengajut dbunut atu. Sabtu ia kn quit, Jumat baru ia informed. Talk about SCB..awal2 I was asked to observe dlu apa my colleagues buat. Banarnya there should be ada training on the spot psal training class cannot be 1 org sja attend so pksa tgu intake lain lg..PFCs, Enquiry, Credit Ops, CRES n etc. A week after aku join baru start training on rules n regulations..Got tests n presentations. Passing mark is 80%. 2nd weeek training about my real job..hands on n theory. Passing mark is 80%. It ended msa ari jumat. One thing..semua intake yg baru msuk cerita psal that guy yg aku ska arah HR Dept. A lot of competitors now huhu. Btw dmna tmpat ngomplen spaya kuyuk dbunut atu kna halau?? 2x udah aku kna uyung kuyuk..takut jua ku tu. Kuyuk laparth lgi.

21hb we were sending one of our family to the airport. She's leaving for UK. Buat2 ngu ia kn masuk diri2th kmi ane since nada tmpat duduk lgi semua full. Then a group of stewards n stewardess passed by us which is dapan2 mua nada hormat lg. Prasan lawa n hensem konon. Balik2 bh kuai lintas. Kan belagak ya mun pilot baik jua hahaha. Da funniest thing is tym d airport ah sorg2 kn mnangis tapi dtahan2, ketara x ah. Especially mother yg belayar ane. Anaknya mnangis udh tym bsalam2. Babuku lgi tia..She said "Napa tia kuar aing mataku ani. Bekth di lap krg mliat urg kna ucap mnangis. Sedihku mliat..anak bungsuth lgi ia ani rapat sma indungnya." LOL!!! Nda ku fhm!! Btw both my amit yg belanja Express..Thank u much2. Dtg makan, before blik makan. Full. =)

Next week ngantar amitku lg leaving for Ireland. Napa ya raya taun ani sorg2 ke overseas. Sunyi jua ku tu. Plus sedih bravizku..Iatah amit yg pling ku rapat. Ia ckap arahku ia mau tdor puas2 before belayar coz he doesnt want to fall asleep dlm kapal terbang psal ia bekuruh tdor hahaha ada2 sja. Pecaya tia ku krg ia nda tdor..Pebelasan jam sangal jua ngu mun nada dgn bceta the whole flight. Today we've got Majlis Doa Selamat @12.30pm for him. Malasku ahh ramai tia kn keKK nda blaku dtg. Ada g gtau kna lagau openhouse dKB. Mun openhouse ani anytym blh dtg. Smpai nda dpt dtg doa selamat ane wa. Malasth kmi tu ah kn reserve2 makanan. Told u guys earlier udh. Nda dtg..Thats it. Jgn marah. Amit Shamsul Im going to miss u a lot!! =(

Btw aku nda sabar2 kn Annual Dinner SCB ah which is next month 30th Oct. Kna suruh pkai costume. Tiru gaya celebrities. Im thinking of Snow White. Still looking for the gown. I must get prepare everything awal. Tempat Annual Dinner still alum kna decide dmna..Hopefully @Empire again mcm last year. Blh check in tarus hehehe mcm apaaa. Baru ku realised tdi buln 10 ni aku exam huhu..excited th sudh kn annual dinner.

Bah kn chow dlu..Tdor. Pagi udah..Goodnite my fellow readers. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin..I know Im so late. Byeeee.... =D

Monday, 12 July 2010

~My Life Journey~


Its been like ages aku nda blogging..Got so many reasons 4 dat. First of all i would like 2 share psal my 1st part-time job which is at lightings store. Kaja ok byk relax na pyh skit kepala pkir itu pkir ini p masalahnya nada offday. Tau apa mksudnya nada offday?? Full sebuln atu bkaja nada cuti special kna bg smpai bila2 even tah msa public holiday. So i decided 2 change my job..lama dh decide p alumth ku send cv ku arh lain. Mcm 50-50 jua takut tmpt kaja baru ane nnti lg trok. Sabar punya sabar alhamdulillah almost 3 months aku kaja at lightings store n a week b4 payday aku quit ngajut. My manager a.k.a bini bosku nda lg tebunyi aku branti on da spot..coz im handling da cash dsna, nada pengganti. Yg laki2 atu pn sibuk jua delivery barang. Pkerja lg nda ramai. She asked me to think twice n dgn temengnya aku jual mahal nda mau2 kn branti. Aku ckap "Sory madam..nada offday bh sapa jua tahan! Lgipun aku dpt kaja lain dh." At dat tym aku tgu2 ia ckap will think about da offday..At least aku blh compromise sma ia. Tapi ia diam2 sj. Kesian jua ku mliat bininya coz yg trok nda mau bg offday ne lakinya bh..dmatanya $$$$ sj. 3 hari lpas atu aku chow..gaji kna byar dh.

21 June 2010 aku start kaja arh AV Electronics. Hav u heard dat company b4?? MacBook tau? Yatah udh tu. Aku ssak tym interview which is urg me-interview aku ane mcm sngaja delay2kn msa. Smpat lg baibun ktawa lakak2 wit her colleagues. Apanya urg smpat lg beria mun kn beria. I hav to wait almost intrview dlm sejam. 45mins atu aku memaluy sj mliat ia baibun thru glass wall. Alhmdullilah i've got dis job n start kaja 21 June. Rquirements kaja sini quite demanding..Coz our customers mcm2 bngsa, pangkat n darjat!! *serious face* A lot of customers yg temengnya nauzubillah. Nda plg smua cematu p almost semua cematu..apakann. Pling ku banci white people n black people (negro). Sukatinya melakap boxes our stocks mcm headset, casings apa atu which is not allowed. Klu ia kn mliat how's inside pn at least tnya dlu bulehkh nda. Ane trus dbuka smpai kuyak kutak. Udh dtagur..sikit2 call ur boss i wnna talk to ur boss!!. Pdahal bisai udh dtagur tu. Plus almost everyday urg btnya psal iphone4..bla smpai n brapa hrganya. I tell u guys ah..We hardly to know bla dtg n brpa pricenya. It is expected come to Asian late July or Aug. Then ada g bsar2 suaranya bckap d UK sma S'pore lg murah bekth bli sna..Go ahead dats ur choice. Last Sunday kmi relaunching our main branch in Qlap..And there was a special event called 'WooHoo Hour' where da 1st 100 person come wil get a chance to win our free gifts such as ipod touch, ipod nano 5G, crumpler bags n etc. The thing is dorg msti jump dlu n teriak say WooHooooo!! Hahaha..It was fun n damn tiring..kanyat2 bh kaki sorg2 batah bdiri from 9am-9pm. For Bibd customers ada 15% dscount for ipad n 10% dscount for any other items..But it was over alrdy. ToinkKk!

One more thing..On last April i was told dat i hav a Thyroid. Its unexpected coz aku nada earlier signs. Its just dat i hav difficulties msa tdor nda dpt pusing kiri..cant breathe properly mcm tsumbat. Tapi after done the Thyroid test which is betabuk beambil isi dleher..suppose to be buih yg kluar but then its darah smua pnuh dlm tube called Giant Tube. So my doctor expects for sumthing else..sumthing went wrong lh catu. Its either aku Hyperthyroid or Thyroid Cancer. If aku Thyroid Cancer..hav to do kemo treatment lpas operation. Almost everyday im doing my research psal ane..Im scared to da max. My doctor gtau 1st week after operation mmg sakit msh..mkn nda dpt n bckap pn pyah. 1 week nda dpt mkn apa2 n suara recover dlm 3 months. Last Wednesday i've done the CT Scan n injection for kali ke7. Aku nda tau yg CT Scan ne beinject jua ntk msukkn ubat. Psal msuk ubat atu aku dmam msne. Rasakn mau baik only God knows. Sakit pn tahan sj. Jara ku CT Scan..Tau apa CT Scan?? Org Brunei ckap x-ray msuk terowong. Sakit psal msti msuk ubat dlu n sakit psal ubat atu spread out arh my Thyroid n bla start scanning tukar jd pnas arh leherku. Dats make me dmam. Dis coming 21 July results my CT Scan kluar n trus sign borg operation on da same day. Insyaallah 27 July msuk ward n 28 July is D-Day..Operation. Dr gonna see u again soon!!

I wanna leave now..U guys take care alwez. Will blogging again nxt tym f ada msa n ada story kn share. Till then babai =)

Thursday, 31 December 2009

The End of 2009 =D

Happy New Year 2010 to everyone..May u guys had been achieved ur goals in 2009. Here comes 2010..Its a beginning of our new life, new chapter n new goals. I didnt reached my goals much but at least Im doing my best..Tani merancang but Tuhan menantukan.

From best of the bests that I did is..Elaunku licin dah semua dlm akaun hahaha. Nada dehh..Hmm ntah ah apa yg sudh aku capai in 2009 aku pun not so sure. Talking about my missions in 2010..Im going to wear tudung n ttup aurat kali..Mudhanth bnar amin amin amin. Lagi apa ah..No more colouring my hair?? Thought so..hehe. Be a brave one n ambil lesen. Be more responsibles to my family. Mm..Diet-ing?? Haha batah dh angan2 p alumth tecapai. Nanti2th lagi update my missions..buat2 byk2 krg nda jua success. Let it flowing slowly but steady;)

Im sure byk yg BBQ smbut new year eve tonite but sorg sj yg invite aku hehe ciannn. But anyways Happy New Year 2010 again..Let's countdown together nda kira dmana pun y'all celebrate. Bsai2 BBQ jn smpai angus rumah..Overrrr;) Till then..babai =D

Monday, 28 December 2009

Newly Wed Couple

Yesterday event-Selamat Pengantin Baru to one of my gud friends named Siti Nor Suhaila wit her beloved huby, Shahrol. Semoga berkekalan smpai aher hayat..Amin! I didn't turn up tym nikah but do access her nikah's photos on her FB (Suhaila Shahrul);)

Cbuk2 aku ah bgmbar..mak andam msih lgi ngusai. Bek jua sporting

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! I love gifts;)

Hajat kn gmbar katil pengantin..bgagar tia jua pic ane

Lovely tiara..Loved to see it

"Nervousku ni..jn kacau. Sajuk dh tgnku."

Baru ku tau panya tgn pun kna badaki jua

Wit her grandma afta kna makeup by mak andam..Sporting x ah nenenya becali sja

Wit her mama angkat;)

(From left to right) - Mimah, Gmah, myself, Zella, Emmy, Ruhsana n Farizah

Lovely siblings..Kemana2 msti sama2

Mercedez Benz

Hadrah pengantin laki2

Suhaila's dad suggest kami liat arah vid cam urg ane sja since pyh kn liat pengantin besuap2an lalai kna pampan sja;)

Wit parents both pengantin..Shahrol's side is purple n Suhaila's side is orange

~May you both lead such a divine life!~


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Trip To Miri

As requested..I'll not posting pic yg aku tegambar antu atu. Krg na lg kna lawat2 blogku. So enuf is enuf ok! Last Friday kmi keMiri by bus. My family sewa bus, ciuklah but since side royal family atu joined mcm patung plg ku diam2 cntrol ulah gila2. Borenx lg drivernya ane masang lagu dangdut gnya. We all smpai Miri kn tghari padahal btulak dri rumh around 7am. Arrived at Miri trus cari pat mkn at Imperial Mall..Starving to da max attacked us..hehe bg watir. Kfc sna trok brabis ehhh. Sampit tahap gaban..kan lalu pn mcm no space wa. Pekerja2 sna lg bg stressful..kasar banget mlyan. Even urg Miri yg jln2 dsna ane kasar jua main langgar2..Buta pakah. Then I learned new thing that urg Miri ne kasar attitudenya. Bg kn numbuk ada jua.

After that kmi talk a walk liat2 barang then my nene laki decided to buy a spectackle since urg behabar sna murah2. Kali tym kn nukarkn duit dsna..panya ada urg Miri skodeng my grandpa ngluarkn duit $100. Kmi nda realised kna ikutkn dri blakang ane but my unc did. Kali ia bg hints arh neneku sruh bjln arah urg ramai. Pkirtah urg Miri atu stop following us singan sna panya udh dluar dtargetnya msih. Ia minta duit arah neneku..Ia pminta sdakah katanya. From his appearance nada nmpak mcm urg miskin tattoos here n there, tagap lgi badannya n stil young. Then kmi bg RM5..He seems reluctant. He asked for duit Brunei not RM. Neneku ckap nda kmi bduit ne wang..kmi pun jalan2 gnya nada mbali2. Nasib jua mkin rmai urg kluar..nda ya brani majal lg.

One thing urg na lupa lau keMiri is contact lens..hahaha. Murah..Yes, its cheap. Tapi yg my uncle gtau coloured contact lens RM50 for two aneth pyh beunjar. Ntah2 na prnah wujud x price like that. 3 buah kdai bsar kmi singgah smua hrganya RM40-45 per pair. Kmi sja lgi malar kna tunggu..pling last msuk bus every kdai we stopped..Me, my bro, Mr Mark, Ms Jolie n Mr James. Kmi smpai rumah dlm kul 11pm..Heran our neighbours bus branti dpan rumh. Besubukkan lgi tu..hahaha.

Actually this week one of my best buddies will getting married. Tahniah to Suhaila n Shahrol. May u guys will live happily ever after n have kids setaun sorg **jnjimu rahku sma sir Q**, hehehe. Im so eager to come to ur wedding my darl..missing u so much. Congrats again from me;)

Ok..Till the wedding..Bye guys

Monday, 30 November 2009


Are u guys believe in demons, ghosts nor exorcism?? Exorcism..Kdg2 mau duit jua gnya. Nda pndai pun dpndai2kn. But leave it first..Im here kan ceta sal my own experiences..Might be ada yg tau dh but some are not.

It was a late nite..I heard bunyi besiul2 dluar ampir tabuk my bedroom. Lama2 mcm besiul bunyi mnangez jua..Bg kambang bululah. Ku bguni kakaku. Aku bguni ia pun pkai kaki..Ku tandang2;p My sis ckap jnth dpeduli bunyi a2 buat2 nda tau sja. How come jnth dpeduli mun aku tkut braviz udh! ExactIy arah tabuk lgi tu bunyinya. It was 4am. left my sis then lariku kebilik my parents..Udh my mom mdgni a2 mkin kurg jua bunyinya. Pgi baru ku tdor.

Pagi about pkul 6am alum btah ku tdor..Something meniup tlingaku sbalah kanan. Im awake but sorg pun nada dbilik msa a2. Ku biarkn sj might be its juz my untrue feelings. Alum btah a2 ada tia kerasahan something belari turun dri atas katil. Nda lg ku smpat tebca apa2..Ku gtau my parents, bpaku ckap aku tlampau pnakut bnar. Sasak jua ku tu..Its true bah. I guess a month afta aku kna kcau a2..My mom tia plg kna. She saw a black figure standing behind da tv tym my mom nutup lampung kn tdor. Since a2 baruth sibuk2 ngunjar urg mnta halaukn yg ngacau ah. Urg ngubati a2 gtau bilik my parents ane tmpat pelaluannya n tmpatnya bemain arh bilik me n my sis. Mkin tia ku tkut mdgr..bilik kmi lg byk patung. Na plg ku tantu rasa. It was last year punya story...

This year yg latest one..Slimutku kna singkap tym tdor. Suddenly aku sdar..Mcm mkin tenaik selimutku. My breathing nda lg btantu. Kn mnangez lg tu ehh aku ah..Kn ku liat yg nyingkap a2 ijapku muanya scary me. Udh mkin tenaik a2 ku bukath mata ehh..Ku liat something black witout face juz a figure of a man body infront of my eyes. Bru brpa saat nda smpai seminit it disappear..Trabang nda jua, lari bukn jua. Disappear cematu sja. Lpasnya ilang baruth ku tebca ayat kursi..a2 pun tunggang langgang. My tangah bg aku doa spya nda kna apa2kn tym tdor..Coz ia pun prnah mrasa jua.

Arah tmpatnya tinggal lg trok kna kcaulh. Amitku pun sakit smpai ane psal teliat unreal woman diri2 arh tangga sna. Teliat jua gnya tu, nada nagur apa2 blh kana. Haunted bravizlh sna..Dri awal ia pindah. Aku prnah nmpak juz kpala bini2 arh tmpat drg gantung bju udh beterikah. Till now nda lgi ku prnah msuk arh biliknya atu..More than 8 years dah. Kata urg bilik tmpat nyimpan pkaian ane mudh berisi wlupn tiap hari dmasuki ngmbil baju. Masa ane djadikannya bilik tdor anaknya dah. Somewhat ada msanya that 'thing' a2 mengganas drumhnya..Kdg2 kna umban barang2nya d atas. Tym drg sefamili d atas, barang2 dbawah kna krajakan. Lau aku, lama dh ku pindah. Mun tarang2 drawer mejanya kana surung tarik dpan mata. Drg ane bgiku kuat semangatlh smua. Anak2nya a2 malar dh kna serupai..Sometyms yg drg tagur a2 pkirnya adi bradinya panya bukn. Umur anak2nya ane around 1 to 12 years old lahh.

Insyaallah nnti ada ku post pic that 'thing' join dlm gmbar. F kedapatan jua tu pic ah..Mudhan ada msh. I'll continue later..Till then bye;)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hukum Berjabat Tangan...

Kebanyakan ulama tidak mengharuskan berjabat tangan di antara lelaki dan perempuan yang bukan mahram (ajnabi) ini termasuklah Dr. Abdul Karim Zaidan, Dr. Abdullah Faqih, hatta ulama-ulama dari kalangan Al-Syafie juga tidak mengharuskan berjabat tangan dengan perempuan yang bukan mahram.

Bagi mereka yang bermazhab Al-Syafie juga memaklumi pertimbangan yang halus dalam masalah ini. Hujah yang dikemukakan dalam mengharamkan berjabat tangan antara lelaki dengan wanita ialah Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak pernah berjabat tangan dengan wanita biarpun dalam peristiwa bai'ah, sabda baginda yang bermaksud: Demi Allah sesungguhnya aku tidak pernah berjabat tangan dengan wanita dalam bai'ah. (Riwayat al-Bukhari, jld:8, halaman:636).

Dalam sepotong hadis yang lain daripada Aisyah r.a.h. memberitahu yang bermaksud: Demi Allah sesungguhnya Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak pernah melakukan sesuatu apa pun yang tidak diperintah Allah, dan sesungguhnya tangan Rasulullah tidak pernah menyentuh tangan mana-mana perempuan.

Apabila Rasulullah menerima pengakuan baiah daripada mereka baginda berkata: Aku telah terima bai'ah kamu dengan perkataan. (riwayat Muslim, jld:12, hlm:188-189).

Dalam masa yang sama pandangan Prof. Dr. Yusof al-Qaradawi juga banyak menyelesaikan persoalan ini. Beliau mengeluarkan fatwa berkaitan bab bersalaman dengan wanita (fatwa Mu'asirat). Berikut adalah fatwa dan penjelasan beliau secara ringkas.

1. Harus berjabat tangan dengan syarat tidak disertai dengan syahwat, rasa kenikmatan atau rasa terangsang. Tidak menimbulkan fitnah. Jika disertai dengan syahwat dan terangsang nafsu, maka haram hukumnya walaupun dengan mahram (ipar duai, mertua, anak saudara dan lain- lain).

2. Berjabat tangan hendaklah pada tempat yang perlu sahaja. Contohnya: suasana hari raya, ramai sahabat handai, tetamu yang datang yang kebanyakannya adalah saudara-mara, sama ada melalui nasab atau perkahwinan.

3. Ia pada kadar yang tidak keterlaluan dan berlebihan sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga kerana Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak pernah berjabat salam dengan wanita bukan mahram.

4. Lelaki beriman yang menjaga agamanya seharusnya tidak memulakan salam (kepada wanita). Ia bersalaman bila pihak wanita yang memulakan dahulu.

5. Hukum bersalaman dengan wanita ini terhad dan khusus bagi siapa yang memerlukan sahaja.

Kesimpulannya, saya berpendapat harus bersalam dalam keadaan dan situasi tertentu sahaja. Contohnya, persidangan atau mesyuarat atau lawatan ke luar negara, yang menjadi kebiasaan orang berjabat tangan sebagai tanda selamat datang dan selamat pulang.

Jika tidak berjabat atau bersalam bagi mereka kurang beradab atau kurang sopan. Bayangkan sahaja ketika ada yang menghulur tangan kita di atas pentas atau sedang dikelilingi orang ramai. Mungkin keengganan kita bersalam boleh menjatuh air muka seseorang serta mengaibkannya.

Islam tegah kita bersalaman dengan wanita kerana khuatir fitnah. Saya kira persidangan dan mesyuarat bukanlah situasi yang boleh menimbulkan syahwat.

Dalam masa yang sama, janganlah bersikap terlalu mudah dalam hukum bersalam. Tentang bersalam dengan ahli-ahli korporat kerana menguruskan perniagaan, kalau boleh berusaha elok untuk mengelakkannya, kerana saya tidak nampak sebagai sesuatu yang mendesak.

Utusan Malaysia 20 Apr 2007

~Maksud bai'ah ialah sumpah setia seseorang terhadap seseorang yang lain atau terhadap kumpulannya. Tujuannya adalah untuk menjaga kepentingan diri antara dua orang berkenaan, atau kumpulannya.

~Nasab secara etimologi bererti al qorobah (kerabat).